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      Welcome to Dongguan Kairui Precision Optical Co., LTD.


      Dongguan Kairui Precision Optics Co., LTD.

      Founded in 2008, Dongguan Kairui Precision Optic Co., Ltd. is a hardware supporting service provider that provides precision manufacturing and processing services. It also provides one-stop solutions for customers, responding quickly and cooperating with customers to develop proofs and solve customers. After the hardware processing chain cares. The company has a variety of middle and senior technicians, equipped with CNC walking machine, turning and milling machine, CNC cutting machine, automatic lathes. Provide shaft parts processing, communication parts processing, medical parts processing, optoelectronic parts processing, CNC precision machining, CNC CNC lathe processing, CNC machining, non-standard parts CNC machining services.

      The company has perfect quality assurance, all adopt advanced quality testing equipment and high-qualit...

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      Add:Room 103, Building 1, No.53, Dongpu New Village, Yangwu, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City
      Contact Person:Ivan Pu
      Tel:18823215798  Fax:0769-81621156
      Email:[email protected]
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